I can't imagine a life without love and weddings, so I am thrilled and honored to share Rita & Tricia's beautiful New York Indian wedding. These two devout Hindus and their fabulous team at Savvy Planners did whatever it took to make their dream come true. Let me just say, their commitment to one another will inspire everyone.  After surviving Hurricane Katrina, where they lost their home, they then rebuilt on the very same plot of land and made it through that challenge, AS A TEAM!  So, congratulations to the lovely pair and we wish you many, many, many years of happiness!

From the awesome team at Savvy Planners :
They called us with less than a month to design their event.  The plane tickets and hotel had already been booked.  They were thinking that their only option to become legally married would be at the clerk’s office waiting room— and nothing more.  Maybe dinner out, afterward.   They were working with a modest budget of their hard-earned money, and we chose to simply make it happen for them.  No matter what.  
After several refusals from other Pandits and temples, cutting it down to the wire, Marcinho scoured the New York Metro to find a Pandit who would perform their ceremony for them— with an open and gentle heart and allowing the couple the dignity and gravitas their wedding deserved! We even found a way for them to have a Baraat on horseback, in an area of the city where horses were not even permitted!
Big thank you to Savvy Planners for sharing this extra special Indian wedding with us.
More Indian wedding inspiration on the way!
: Pamela Owens Photography