The theme for Seema's wedding was "vintage Bollywood" and as I quickly learned about my new jijaji (brother-in-law), he was a fan of all things vintage. The one thing Nihar absolutely wanted in his wedding was to come in on a vintage Ambassador car, exactly like how his dad came in on his wedding years ago. A difficult task? Maybe. A difficult task for Tori and Dean? Yeah, not so much. They made it happen with flying colors! My favorite is how the car is 1) being driven by Dean and 2) that there's an Indian flag at the front. Tori and Dean = vintage Bollywood? Check!
Seema and Nihar were actually supposed to get married on the helipad of the Marriot Marina del Rey, but unfortunately, due to an incredibly abnormal rainstorm in LA that lasted the entire week before the wedding and the day of, the wedding was moved indoors to a ballroom with big beautiful windows on three sides of the room. While I think the helipad would have been amazing with the mandap overlooking the scenic Marina del Rey, I think having the wedding indoors still worked because with the dark clouds and fog outside, it's almost as if Nihar and Seema were married in the clouds. The beautiful, vibrant red in the ballroom, paired with wonderful gold seating and orange cushions looked beyond perfect against the gray clouds that overtook the California sky.

Coming up next Maharanis is the wedding ceremony so stay tuned!