I'm so sad that we're almost done with this fab-u-lous wedding, but to make myself (and all of you) feel better, at least we still have the reception! From the dazzling eyeshadow to the purple, pink and gold bangles, I just knew that Maharani Seetal was going to look amazing. And then I got my first look at her outfit and I was completely blown away. I love the mix of the dark velvet purple against the lighter purple and gold trim in the outfit. That cake, the candle centerpieces and the purple/pink light shining against the Chicago Cultural Center's ceiling is beyond amazing and created an atmosphere that was both elegant and fun, leaving plenty of space for our awesome couple to dance the night away with their family and friends!

Maharanis, I hope you had as much fun as I did watching this beautiful wedding complete with a gorgeous couple unfold! Congratulations to Seetal and Bharath from everyone here at Maharani Weddings!