*Sigh* Where do I even begin with this reception?! Should I start with the creative centerpieces, filled to the brim with water, white flowers and topped with simple white candles oorr with the incredible sheer covering that's over the tables? I could also start with that beautiful white cake with those stunning flowers trailing down oorr I could even start with the helmet-shaped cake with the Atlanta Falcons logo, but then what about the uh-mazing sweetheart table? I mean, just look at it! It's got a beautiful chandelier and orange drapery flowing down from all four corners! With so many wonderful details, it could be pretty tough to compete. But, I definitely think our fabulous couple stole the show, looking as elegant and stylish as they do on that gold couch!

Didn't I tell you that this was one wedding that would keep you absolutely enthralled from start to finish?! And now, I hate to break it to you but we are done for the day! Congratulations to our happy couple and Maharanis, we'll see you tomorrow for another incredible wedding!