Maharani Weddings is thrilled to have partnered with some fantastic advertisers! From beautiful outdoor venues to planner/designer extraordinaire, we are excited to introduce them you! So grab another cup of chai, snuggle up to your computer and get to know some our new vendors of 2012!


If you are a California Maharani like me, hosting your wedding in CALIFORNIA has big expectations for your out of town guests.  So, when I found this treasure called Saratoga Springs, I wanted to do a backflip!  The gorgeous grounds provide a natural backdrop that you can design in any way. Whether you are a modern Maharani or a traditional one, with a canvas like Saratoga Springs you, your designers and your mom can go bonkers!  Just make sure that you remember to get matching pashminas for your guests, with all those magnificent trees, they will be functional and make for awesome wedding pictures.


Speaking of designers in California, the ladies at Our Vaada have a chic sense of style that every Maharani will love.  With tons of gorgeous weddings under their gold belts, you can rest assured that if you book Our Vaada to plan & design your wedding day, you’ll be able to relax and enjoy all of the gorgeousness they created JUST FOR YOU.  They will help you find a venue, vendors, and style that fits you and your hubby, so your Indian wedding is an authentic reflection of the two of you!

Images by JWL Photography

From Our Vaada....I remember the first wedding I ever planned like it was yesterday. Initially, I was intimidated by the 600 person guest list and the fact that it was for my cousin who is very dear to me, but once the planning began, I found it hard to pry myself away from the setting, design, color schemes, and center piece options. I planned every minute detail of the wedding, from the ties on the groom’s side of the family would wear to the corsage the bride’s maid wore when presenting the ring. The consensus was that whoever arranged the décor and flower arrangements would be the wedding planner for the next in line to be married. This was the moment I had the realization that this small favor to a close family member would be the perfect career for me.

We are thrilled to work with these fabulous companies and know that you will adore them as much as we do!