I don't quite think that it can get much better than having an outdoor wedding, especially one at The Byington Winery in Los Gatos, CA. Just one look at the location with the dark red carpet leading up to a simple yet elegant pure white mandap and the sun shining down ever so brightly has made me fall head over heels in love with this location. It was so beautifully decorated by Floral Creations by Nasreen and when our bride and groom are added into the mix, everything takes on a much more heightened, fabulous look! And just in case the beautiful decorations and gorgeous couple didn't give away the fact that there's a wedding going on, there's a sign to give you a hint!

Seeing Nadia's mother tearing up during the rukhsati, the moment when the bride's side gives their daughter away to her brand new husband, has me grabbing tissues left and right to dry my teary eyes!
Let's take a quick break Maharanis and I'll be back with the finale next!