In my humble opinion, there is nothing more beautiful than a bride getting ready for her wedding day.  There is a magical light that shines from within them and I fall in love with each and every bride that comes across my desk.  And, today’s New York Indian wedding by Katha Images is no exception.  Not only am I completely enamoured by Sahina’s beautiful bridal lengha, set, and churis, but I am smitten with Andrew Adam’s gorgeous images that captured the Maharani perfectly.  But, what I really love about this Maharani is a tiny tid bit in her paragraph below.  A Maharani Tip : Keep your cool on your wedding day. With all the moving parts, something always gets mixed up in the shuffle.  Just keep calm, smile, and carry's your wedding day after all!

From Maharani Sahina :
The wedding was orchestrated by The Design Studio (Shadi Paradise) after having tons of OCD meetings with tons of pictures which I copied to my desktop from My initial meeting with them was with my laptop where I showed about 50 photos from your Maharani Weddings (which was amusing to them). I wanted to go for a royal yet classy yet funky theme where there would be touches of personality in them. Thus the message bottles, flip books and pictures from our E-session on the table. Our entry was the hardest thing to come up with. After seeing so many different ways to make an entrance we thought whats us? And finally I realized of the time Sajed and I took a rickshaw ride back in Bangladesh and it was all perfect from then. There were fun parts of the wedding like there being a dance-off at the end to get back the groom's shoes from my side and my father in law accidentally saying his own name when he says I'm glad Sahina married my son "insert his name" and most important thing; driving myself to my wedding. Yes. I drove my SUV to my wedding since my family was in such a panic that they forgot to leave a driver for me. 
I can't believe she drove herself to her WEDDING?!  That's just adorable!  More coming right up!