Anytime I meet a vendor and tell them that I work in the Indian wedding arena,  their eyes light up and they say, “Ooooh, I love the colors!”  Well, today’s New York Indian wedding is jam packed of color, color, COLOR!  The bride Sahina, and big time Maharani Weddings fan {flattery always works!}, had an amazing wedding filled with tons of events.  So, we are going to start off the morning, with her amazing Mehndi by Photography by Asiya over here, while we run her Holud on Delightfully Engaged. With so many incredible images, the day is guaranteed to fly by!

From Maharani Sahina :
It was four straight days of parties with guests flying from all around the world (July 21-24) with nearly about 650 guests. It was a mix of a reunion with also nostalgia as we tried our best to bring back the original way Bangladeshi's get married back home. We tried to imitate the wedding gate in front of our house which my sister and cousin built (people got into accidents on the street looking at it), lighting up the house in lights, rangolis and the crazy shoe stealing situation. A lot of the things at the mendhi were DIY as we figured hey there are memories that come when you do things your own. Things like the rangoli, lighting the house and pathway, mendhi arch and the centerpieces were things I picked up from Bangladesh or built here in NY. 
The centerpieces were orchestrated after quite some thought from Aziza and my sisters and I and slowly the rest came into place. We wanted the mendhi to be a fusion between Moroccan and Desi while also having our traditional Desi style so hence the paisleys and palki for centerpieces. I picked up these palkis from Bangladesh while my friends hand painted all the paisleys and center piece pots. At the end of the day we wanted each and every event to be unique and just getting better than the last one. We organized the theme colors in ways that after all the photos are taken and placed in an album, it'll just look like a melee of colors. 
My then fiance, now husband, was prepping to take his boards in medical school so his input was usually encouragement. I also was taking a semester load of classes up till the day of my mendhi (my finals were that day!) while also studying for my MCATs. A lot of the help came from my sisters, cousins and friends who went so far that they even dropped their summer classes and internships for the wedding. You can imagine how serious we were!
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