As a huge movie buff (don't forget to add slightly Bollywood-obsessed), I've always wondered what it would be like to strut down that velvet-y rich red carpet, all dressed up in your very Bollywood best. There would be dazzling jewels, beautiful hair and make-up to match and all eyes, young and old, would be on you. No need to imagine anymore because Roshni has shown us exactly what that would be like! As she walked down that fiery red carpet, adorned with bright yellow petals on either side, everyone's eyes must have been glistening with tears of joy as they watched her glide towards that vividly green mandap, all expertly designed by Ethnic Essence. To make this Indian wedding even more like a Bollywood box office hit, our groom Amit came in dancing on a majestic white horse! Also make sure you take a look at those beautiful haars Maharanis. The colors that Roshni and Amit have used add a natural touch with the royal green, beautiful red, and bright orange flowers they've used. On a gorgeous sunny day like theirs, those colors couldn't be more perfect!

Hmm anyone in the mood for a classic Bollywood movie now? I think I'm going to go take a look at my collection and choose one for tonight, but I'll be back with the finale very soon!