One of my favorite parts of an Indian wedding has to be watching the dulha arrive with the baraat. There's so much energy, excitement, and anticipation for what's about to happen – the joining of two people into one. In this baraat, they even had a tabla player to get the weddings guests rocking and boy did they get going! If you have never experienced a baraat, I suggest crashing the next one that you come across.  Everyone joins in the dancing masti, and even the uncles and auntys! I love love LOVE the photos where the two uncles are hugging each other – it signifies a union and a bond that two families now share as one.


I also have to give a big WOW to the decorators from Prashe Décor who handled everything from the flowers to lighting and the décor itself. I love the pale peach and white flowers that were used to decorate the mandap. Just a tip for any Maharani getting married indoors, if you carry the color palette throughout the room, as they did on the chairs, you create an elegant setting to say "I do!"










Time for a quick break but I'll be back with so much more in a few!