I have the biggest weakness in the world for jewelry and anything that sparkles for that matter.  So, when I saw these glittering gold peep-toe heels, my eyes lit up immediately.  And believe it or not, just when I thought my eyes couldn't open any wider, they did!  I was tickled to see the way these dazzling shoes matched my all time second favorite piece of bridal jewelry, haath phools.  In case you are wondering, tikkas narrowly beat them out for my gold medal spot.   Anyhoo, there is just something enchanting that has been captured in these images by Darling Photographers. I can't quite put my finger on it...  the creativity, the style, the angles, the frames...Whatever, it may be, these fabulous photos by Darling Photographers show the essence of every girls favorite piece of clothing, shoes!

Stay tuned! I'll be back with the beautiful lengha that went with these shoes!