Are you Maharanis ready to see the finale? Because I'm definitely ready to show you!
First of all, check out those centerpieces! I love the candles on the table with the fall-colored flowers by Peony and Plum. And I definitely had to take a closer look at this because I didn't see it at first, but there are smaller candles hanging from the branches of the centerpieces! How beautiful is that?! Next is the food. Ohh boy the food. Angela and Ashvind must love spicy food because they had sauces for their guests and get this, the title of one bottle was "After Death" Sauce! Now, even though I'm Indian, I'm not the biggest fan of spicy food, so I probably would have passed on the sauce, but I bet the guests loved it and may have even snagged a few to take home, as well. Not to mention, there was tasty sushi and all kinds of other yummy, mouth-watering delights. Mm I'm getting hungry just thinking about it! Aspect Lighting did a lovely job setting the mood at the Pacific Palms Resort and let's not forget that photo booth by Red Cheese! And finally, the dancer in me LOVED these last few photos because really, what would an Indian wedding be without Bollywood!? Dancers from the NDM Bollywood Dance Company showed off some of their dance moves to help celebrate our adorable couple's wedding. Not only that, but they were able to bring all the guests to the dance floor too!

Congratulations to our happy couple!