I have been waiting to feature this fabulous Texas Indian wedding for a few weeks now and finally the day has arrived.  We needed just the right time to kick it up a notch, and I couldn’t release it until it was totally, 100 percent, Maharani standard, perfect.  Well, when you have all star planners like Schwartz & Woodward, amazing images by Tomas Ramos Photography, and Malkit Singh in charge of music, absolutely nothing less with do!  It all starts off this colorful Sangeet.  The bride and groom picked a multicolor palette and went all in.  Linens, chairs, lighting, everything was drenched in color.  Even the dance floor!  Oh, yes darlings, this multicolored, light up dance floor has me screaming with delight!  I can’t believe my eyes and I am longing to throw a party just to have one of these.  I mean, what can be more fun than rocking out with your friends on a dance floor that looks like this?  If you answered nothing, I think that we both are right!

From Joann Woodward of Schwartz & Woodward :
When we first met with the Likhari family we were hired to do their son’s April wedding and then their daughter ‘s wedding in May. Each of the couples had their own ideas and vision for how they would like their wedding to be. It was so much fun to help make each wedding totally different and unique to reflect the couples personalities and styles.
Indian weddings are several days long and we wanted to build up to a beautiful, romantic and elegant reception. Mehndi night was held at the Bride’s parent’s home in an outdoor setting with a buffet dinner served by Madras Pavilion. The home décor was done in the bride’s favorite colors of fuchsia, oranges,corals, with colorful peacocks meeting guests at the door. The Sangeet was over the top with Malkit Singh and his Band flown in from London, playing at the Houston Post Oak Hilton while guests danced on an interactive dance floor. The colorful décor for the evening was done in yellow, fuchsia, oranges, and bright greens along with matching napkins. The colorful market stands were filled to the brim with bangles embellished silk boxes and scarves for the guys.
The Mojito Bar was a hit. Original, Mango and Strawberry & Kiwi Mojitos were served with a sugarcane stick requested by the bride, which was brought in from Mexico! No guest went away hungry as they were served abundant appetizers and a dinner by Bombay Brasserie.
Much more of this colorful Indian wedding on the way!