With fall around the corner, and Indian wedding season 2011 in full effect, it’s just about the time I am totally bored with every sari and lengha in my wardrobe.  Although I always love wearing the pieces from my wedding trousseau, I am lusting to rock those latest trends from Delhi and Bombay.  Reception worthy Anarkali? YES please! Lucky for fickle fashionista Maharanis like me we have Luxemi.com to keep us outfitted in the most fabulous styles of the year. With my Luxemi.com account I can buy that amazing Satya Paul sari I will have for years, but borrow a salwar I’ll only wear once.  It’s the perfect solution for my Maharani taste on a blogger’s budget!

The Luxemi.com team shops the globe for up-to-the-minute designer pieces, and makes them all available with a few simple keystrokes on Luxemi.com. So, you get direct access to Dehli, from your desk, seamlessly delivered to your door.  Since every sari comes with two blouses and a matching petticoat, there is really no fuss, and they just released 30 new styles today!
There has never been a better time to try Luxemi.com.  Right now you can save $15 on any $75 order, $25 on any $150 order, and $35 on any $250 order.  With diverse colors, necklines, and blouse styles there is something for everyone. Need to give your soon to be sister-in-law a sari?  Well, not only does Luxemi.com have a gorgeous collection to choose from, but they will finish the sari for you.  The fall, the blouse, the petticoat, all delivered together in one perfect package.
Simply sign up for the Luxemi.com free membership, and leave a comment below telling us which piece is your favorite and you will be entered to win a $100 Luxemi.com gift certificate! Good thing I can’t enter the contest, because between Kisneel’s royal blue salwar, the Satya Paul mirror work sari, and the modern Kundan set, I am torn to bits. So, what are you waiting for?  Head over to Luxemi.com and don't forget leave a comment below with your favorite piece, to be entered to win the $100 gift certificate.  The contest ends today, so drop by Luxemi.com now!