In my opinion, country music and classic Hindi film songs are two peas in a pod.  Why you may ask?  Well, their ballads are both composed of sweet, romantic words describing love. They get into the mushy gushy emotions that warm your heart, bring a smile to your face, and tears to your eyes.  If you are a  Maharani who grew up watching Bollywood films along side your family, you are going to fall in love fast, hard, and at first sight when you see the latest concept film by Film Style Weddings.  It’s a beautiful compilation of classic Bollywood songs that will totally make your heart melt.  So, grab a tissue and call your mom, because I am sure she is going to wanna experience along side with you!

So, after you have dried your tears, fixed your mascara, and blown your nose...take a look at Cassandra & Ravi's Next Day Edit.  They did a complete 180 from the classic film we saw before, their Indian wedding made me stop in my tracks when I laid eyes on its modern design.  Lighting, florals, rentals, all of it come together seamlessly to create a marvelous day!

Big thanks to Film Style Weddings for these two submissions and Happy Friday to all our Maharanis!