I have been waiting all week for today!  Why you may ask? Well, I have a very special announcement. Today we are welcoming our very first editor, Neha, to the pages of Maharani Weddings.  Neha brings her style, creativity, and quick witted personality to the blog, and I am so happy to have her on board.  I love, love, love the fresh perspective she brings to MW, and it gives me the ability to shoot for the stars and push Maharani Weddings to the next level.  I’ll be back tomorrow with some Indian wedding inspiration fit for a Maharani, and in the meantime, Neha has a jaw-droppingly gorgeous day planned for you all to devour!


As an avid Maharani reader and former Miss June 2011 Maharani of the Month, I am just bursting with joy to now have the honor and the privilege to introduce a very special Indian wedding to you all! Let’s start at the very beginning: the preparations!  Isn’t there something just so exciting about getting ready?  The smell of lipstick or hair spray, the telltale sound of a hair dryer or that clinking sound of bangles… whatever the signal may be, it instantly makes my heart beat a little faster.  Hard to believe, but these photos by Maloman Photographers make me feel like I am right there. They transport me to that very moment, when the smell of henna first hits me, and I am filled with anticipation!  Get ready… here comes a fabulous Mehndi & Sangeet!

This Maharani had quite a “witty” proposal!
From our Maharani of the day, Nina:
Vinay invited me over for a "date night" - he said he'd cook dinner and we'd go up to his roof, eat and play Scrabble (my favorite game). While playing Scrabble, on one of his turns, Vinay completely shocked me by spelling out "Marry Me". Moments later he surprised me again with a party with all of our closest friends and family. It was the perfect proposal.
The perfect proposal for his perfect Maharani! More of this destination Indian wedding coming right up!