Today’s traditional Indian wedding from Tennessee has officially taken my breath away.  Aside from the charming details, classic Indian bridal style, and dream team of vendors, like Global Photography, Zamana Life Style, and Beauty by Lishma, what I love about this wedding is that through and through it represents family. From the adorable engagement story {below} to the whirlwind India shopping trip {more on that in a bit} this Indian bride has her heart centered around one thing – family.


From our Maharani, Nika :
To tell our story, I have to go back about 11 years to when I was in high school.  Chirag and I met when I was in 10th grade. We dated for about 6 months and even went to prom together haha. We went our separate ways because Chirag moved to Atlanta, GA. We would always see each other out when I would be in Atlanta visiting friends. We were the kind of friends that would just say hello to one another and see how things were going. We’ll time went by and after I graduated from college and moved back to Chattanooga, TN I ran into Roshni which is Chirag’s younger sister. We started hanging out more and every time Roshni would go see Chirag at work I would tell her to say hello for me. One weekend we both happened to be out with our own group of friends and during the night each group bumped into the other. That’s when we started talking and our conversation led us to getting to know one another all of over again. Time went by and our friends thought our relationship was meant to be because we crossed paths so many years later. Things for us went really fast and well. I felt like he was my best friend as soon as we started hanging out again. He is the type of guy that I can joke around with about anything and be myself with no worries.
A year went by and as soon as my parents knew that we were getting serious they wanted him to meet the rest of my family. Luckily my cousin was getting married in London so we planned on Chirag coming with us. With him being there with all my family and everyone was getting along was the best feeling every. The best part of that trip was when he surprised me and proposed! With the help of my brother and cousins his plans went perfectly. This is how the story went: After my cousin’s vidhi ended we all changed and took the subway to downtown London. The whole story was that we were taking Chirag out on the town because this was his first time in London.  As we were walking by the London Eye Chirag asked “What is that?” After they told him what it was he says, “I want to go on that”. I said no we don’t have time because we have dinner reservations. Well of course my cousins played along and said “we have time we’ll wait at a bar across the street” As we go on the London Eye we are taking pictures and enjoying the beautiful city of London.  In that moment we were talking about how my family was asking me “When do you think he’ll propose” I said, “not for another couple of months”. We laughed and he smiled about the whole thing. As we were enjoying the sunset I turned to my right to see that Chirag was down on one knee. He asked” Will you marry me?” My response was WHAT? WAIT A MINUTE…..YES YES! He definitely took me by surprise when he proposed to me in that moment. We even had a guy in the capsule that served us with champagne to celebrate. I realized my entire family was in on this secret that turned into the best day of my life.  
Much more on the way!

Photography: Global Photography