Yep, it’s finally here, the new, fresh look of Maharani Weddings, and we did it all for YOU.  Our beloved readers are modern, hip, stylish Indian brides and we have come up with a look & feel better tailored to suit you.  My team and I have been working our tails off since January to make it this vision come to life, and finally today has arrived.
So, it’s a funny thing that today, of all days, we launch the new site.  After months of hard work, adding awesome features, and making sure the new design was up to Maharani snuff, the site launches on what happens to be my birthday.  It’s actually the best present in the whole wide world.  Maharani Weddings moves closer to my dreams for our little company, and like my Dad says, “The best presents are the ones you get for yourself.”
I want to say big thank you to all our Maharani teammates (Anand, Angie, Natalie, Alia, Jennifer, Will, Kalah) and our Maharani family (Mom, Dad, Ronak, Rindha, Rocco, Michele, Saman, Ray, Sachi) for your support, creative feedback, and long hours of dedicated work.  Without this each and every member of this amazing team of people, the new Maharani Weddings would not be possible. So, take a twirl around the new site, and I’ll be back in a bit to show you some of my favorite features!