When people hear the word Indian wedding some words that come to mind are…Color! Music! Food! Elephants!  And, sometimes it sounds more like a circus than a wedding.  Well today’s Film-y Friday pieces have been hand selected because they show off the delicate beauty and artistic pageantry of Indian weddings.  As with all the Indian weddings we feature, they do have their share of eye candy, but the focus of the films today is on the couple and the bond that they share.  

First up is a REAL tear jerker by Jose Ortiz Films. I was completely bawling, like a baby, within the first the seconds of this Florida Indian wedding from the Ritz Carlton, Sarasota. If you are a wedding sap, like moi, make sure that you have a tissue in hand! 

Just in case you forgot your waterproof mascara today, you have just enough time to dash out and grab some before the next feature.  See you in two shakes Maharanis!