It’s days like today when I know I am a total Indian wedding nut, and I absolutely know I love my job.  I have a ba-gillion things to do, but I have spent the entire morning choosing {read going ga-ga over} just the right images by Samson Productions.  Every shot seems to invoke an emotion, a laugh, or a tear.  So, I have spent hours poring over these little beauties to pick out just the right ones.  And, if you aren’t ready for the gorgeous-ness to end, head over to Facebook where you can see a bunch of special images just for our Fan Page!

Indian wedding bride 2
Indian wedding dholi entrance bride
Indian wedding groom bridal games
Indian wedding bride red bouquet copy
Indian wedding green bridesmaids saris
Indian bride and groom red bridal lengha

Did you see that action shot?  It's priceless and it goes by in the blink of an eye.  It's truly amazing to see photographers, like Samson Productions, capture a moment like that for us to enjoy FOREVER!

More on the way!