Every time I see a modern style Indian bride, like yesterday’s beauty, I think that she is the ultimate. But, then when I saw today’s traditional style Maharani, my heart literally skipped a beat.  When it comes to Indian bridal style, its almost impossible to choose which one is better.  Good thing us Maharanis get to have a few different looks during our wedding weeks!

Indian-wedding-bride-2 copy
Indian-wedidng-bride-1 copy

From our Maharani, Aditi :

We originally were booked at the Hyatt in New Brunswick, NJ but 6 months before the wedding, they cancelled our wedding due to receiving an offer from a larger party.  My husband and I only went to Hyatt New Brunswick because our parents didn't like our first choice - Hyatt Morristown.  However, due to this unfortunate event, my husband and I decided to hold our wonderful wedding at the Hyatt Morristown (which was thankfully still available) and I have never looked back.We were the first couple to get married outside in the plaza at the Hyatt Morristown in Morristown, NJ.  This allowed us to be creative and come up with a wonderful outdoor wedding.  Though there was a lot of push back from parents, they can not stop raving about the wedding even almost a year later. All the clothes (bridal, groom, bridesmaids and groomsmen) were from India.  The 20 total of bridesmaids and groomsmen looked wonderful in their matching outfits while walking down the aisle.

More of this stylish Indian wedding coming right up!