The only bummer part of being a spring, summer-y Maharani is although your wedding day will statistically be free of rain, the heaven may open up the day of your engagement shoot.  Well, it was raining cats and dogs last month in California {East coast Maharanis, I swear we weren’t just being wimps!} and I couldn’t believe that Matei Horvath was able to shoot this entire E-session at Griffith Park Observatory in just 45 minutes!
Los-angeles-indian-wedding-engagement-session-2 copy
From Matei Horvath Photography :
We initially only had an hour with Tasneem and Abhi but the weather coupled with the fading light meant we only had 45 mins of real shoot time to capture them.  The Observatory is such a beautiful place and Tasneem wore an adorable dress that definitely brightened up the cloudy skies.  As a seasoned photojournalist Matei has come across situations like this before but because this was an engagement shoot it was so much more personal... we wanted to that those bright blue skies!  We decided to try and lighten the area as much as possible so opted for a nostalgic vintage feel with the images.  Tasneem was such a trooper to brave the chill without cover and Abhi was so attentive at making sure he kept her close as much as possible in between shots.  We managed to catch some final shots of the couple against the skyline as dusk and rain started to take over.  The best part... they seemed to forget we were there as they shared a beautiful moment together.
More of this beautiful E session coming right up!