Every Maharani knows that a hand written note is the only way to say “Thank you.”  With the enormous guest count of Indian weddings, piles of gifts to put away and some to return, and then boxes to dispose of; sitting down to write your thank you notes inevitably becomes a daunting task.  Latte after latte {and maybe even the occasional chocolate crossiant!}  the once charming neighborhood coffee shop seems to lose its luster after a while.  So, even if you are a chatterbox like me, sometimes the big question becomes, “How do I say thank you?”  Well, here are some tips to making your thank you note project fun and a bit easier.

First, divide your list into three parts : Cash, Registry, and Other.  You may want to keep a special section of your list for bridesmaids, groomsman, parents, siblings etc.  We recommend that you do these thank you notes first, because after writing 200, you might be a bit burned out!

Next,  come up with 3 general outlines for your Thank you notes.  Here is an example:

Dear {Insert Name} Aunty & {Insert Name} Uncle,

I am thrilled that you were able celebrate our wedding with us.  {Insert Hubby Name} & I had a wonderful time with you.  Thank you so much for the generous gift.  {Insert Gift} is always handy in the {insert part of home}, and I know we will use them for years to come.  Thank you again for joining us, your support & love means the world to us!


The New Mr. & Mrs. {Insert Maharani’s New Last Name}

We recommend that you write a script for each of your categories. This way you can streamline what you are saying.

Lastly, if you are really at a loss for words, pick up a copy of "The Bride's Thank You Guide: Thank You Writing Made Easy.” It is filled with catchy phrases, ideas, and answers your questions on how to be gracious in the stickiest of situations.

Indian-wedding-thank-you-card copy
Image by Samvadiyacards

Make sure that you treat yourself to a mani afterwards.  I mean, after all that time with a pen in your hand, a Maharani needs a good hand massage!