One of my dear friends, Shetal Vyas, of Number 29 Events, has stopped by today to help discuss the all important topics of Venues.  Your venue sets the mood for your event, and Shetal was nice enough to break them all down for us!

Now that you’ve celebrated your engagement, it’s time to get your ducks in a row and start planning!  But where should you start?  While it seems natural to think location, location, location!  You should really think through the style and the formality for your wedding and each event leading up to it.  Once you have that high-level vision, then start thinking budget, yes, budget!  And if you are considering a wedding planner, now is the ideal time to hire one, so that they can help you navigate the complex decision on choosing a venue.  

Now you are ready to shop and choose a wedding venue, you’ll be able to set your theme and start hammering out the details. Whether you’re planning an intimate affair or planning an over-the-top soiree, consider these points to find a venue that will fit your needs.



There’s nothing quite like the open space of a loft for a wedding. Ideal for city dwellers who love the downtown lifestyle, it’s both romantic and sophisticated. The best part: It’s a blank canvas. From lighting and linens to drapery and other decor, you can turn a loft into your dream locale. Are you in the mood for a Moroccan lounge or an elaborate winter wonderland? Anything is possible. Play up the city location with a classy wine bar setup and tasty hor d’oeuvres. Just watch out for hidden costs. The blank slate is great for playing with decor, but all of the equipment has to come from somewhere. Also, unlike hotels or reception halls, lofts often lack kitchen space and don’t have chairs, tables, or other basics that you need for wedding venues.  Remember to consider all of these factors to see if the cost matches your allocated budget.


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More Venue tips from Shetal, of Number 29 Events, coming right up!