If you are just joining us today, the lovely, Shetal Vyas, of No. 29 Events, has stopped by to talk about the all important Venue topic.  Before you start the hunt, make sure you read all of Shetal's fabulous tips!  Take it away, Shetal!


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One of our favorite trends for 2011 at No. 29 Events for Indian weddings!  The outdoors is perfect for a laid back couple looking for an earthy feel and incorporating natural beauty into their décor.  A great thing is the location is a theme in itself!  You can say your vows among sprawling grapevines, beneath a towering tree or sandy shoreline and crashing waves.  An outdoor ceremony brings the beauty of nature to your wedding day. For the reception, consider staying under the stars with tables set right beneath a collection of trees or consider my personal favorite option…put up a tent with a clear top and windows to overlook a field or lake. If your location is a farm, have fun with the barn setting.  Just make sure you have a Plan B. And consider the bug situation. The little creatures are likely to be on the hunt in the heat of summer, so have the area sprayed prior to your wedding or light citronella candles to keep them at bay.  Another major consideration is restrooms and space for the bride to get ready.  Make sure you ask about options to have all of this available upfront and note how it will impact your budget.


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Couples are flocking to locations throughout the world for their wedding venues. Whether you want to elope in Vegas, have an intimate affair in a foreign country, or you’re heading a few states away for a spectacular setting, destination weddings are totally in! From the snowy mountaintops of Vail, Colorado, to the romantic elegance of Paris, France, a destination wedding has a built-in theme. The catch: They can be very expensive and, depending on where you get married, the rules vary. Be sure you know the ins and outs of getting a marriage license, how many days you have to wait to get married once you arrive, and any other legal stipulations. Also be sure to get your passport renewed as soon as possible so you don’t forget!


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The ballroom is the traditional and most convenient for multiple events as most large ballrooms can be split into sections to accommodate on-site ceremony and reception. There is a hotel ballroom to fit most bridal styles and budgets. The range varies from the more elaborate, plush ballrooms to those with a more simple design, and from the "old" style to new and contemporary. Hotels are practical venues because they can accommodate large groups and because the staff is trained to handle parties.  Many of our clients will overlook details of a ballroom such as carpet color and wallpaper.  These are important details to note and even take pictures of so that you can compliment and even build your color pallet based on what already exists.


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