I hope that you are wearing water proof mascara today because we have a day packed with awesome Indian wedding videos.  The first Film-y Friday feature is close to the heart because it was shot in the bride’s hometown of Baroda, India.  This highlight video shows off exactly what Doodle Studio does best.  Doodle’s style is intimate, up-close, and personal, but wrapped with a big, cinematic, movie star bow.  Their highlights are always a treat to feature and the couples are left with beautiful hand crafted memories of their wedding day.  


From Emmaline at Doodle Studios :

Kanav who is a Punjabi, while Disha Gujarati, has decided to have a truly Gujarati wedding back in Disha’s hometown, Baroda. Having met the lovely couple back in November in Sydney for the first time, we thought to ourselves that they are rather a shy, quiet and gentle type of couple. Yes, Disha is such a nice, simple and adorable girl; whilst Kanav is rather the shy, cool and Mr. nice guy type. Well at least that was our first impression. Little did we know that Kanav is not the exact shy guy that we thought he was when we shot their Indian wedding. Kanav, is indeed one interesting groom. He is super outgoing, super cool, super considerate, super nice and super cute. They are simply outgoing and definitely know how to enjoy themselves. Boy, we were shocked to see them on the dance floor, knowing their knack. Well, not just them, the whole bunch of their relatives and friends enjoyed themselves to the fullest, Kanav’s best buddies would hike up the atmosphere by expressing their fullest blessing to the newly-wed with singing and dances! It was quite intimate and personal, fun-filled wedding. We had much fun shooting their wedding; apart from Disha and Kanav’s hospitality, Disha’s dad has always been there to ensure that we’re doing okay, he would chat with us when he sees us, and he’s one cute and adorable dad. Now we see where Disha’s adorable gene comes from.

More on the way!