Everyone take a deep breath and take seat.  This dynamite, custom mandap is going to knock your Louboutins off! {I mean, a Maharani can dream...can't she....}

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Images by Arrowood Photography

From Exquisite Events :

While Sangeet was setting up and getting into swing, the wedding ceremony and tent structure were being set up at Dolce Hayes Mansion. The Punjabi groom’s family held a traditional Sikh ceremony for the couple at Gurdwara temple on Saturday, rising Sunday for the traditional South Indian ceremony at Dolce Hayes. 

Karan made an awe-inspiring entrance atop a horse, accompanied by his family dancing and jumping to the resonating sounds of drums. Leena’s family stood waiting beneath a beautiful golden custom-made Milni arch gateway where the groom descended from his horse to greet his bride’s mother before the ceremonious familial exchange of colorful garlands of flowers demonstrating the merging of the two families. 

Karan was then led to the stage to take his seat with his parents at the beautiful custom designed Mandap with its soft gold drape and lush red roses before a brief prayer ceremony and placing of the curtain before him. 

When Karan was in place, the bridesmaids entered, holding votives and preceding their bride who would come to stand on the opposite side of the curtain with a beautiful garland for her groom. 

As the curtain dropped, she saw Karan for the first time as her groom and the two exchanged garlands. Then Leena took her seat and the officiant, or Pandit, began the marriage rituals and ceremony.  The South Indian wedding ceremony is typically about one and a half to two hours and the Pandit guided the guests, which included a large number of Americans, through the rituals, explaining the importance of each element and movement of the ceremony and creating an intimacy and understanding between the families and guests. 

As the ceremony concluded, the family members and guests showered the newlyweds with petals before the guests went for high tea and light snacks in anticipation of the cocktail hour with tray passed h’ors d’oeuvres while the family stayed at the Mandap for photos with the beautiful couple.

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