Indian Fusion wedding are always unique and always filled to the brim with creativity.  And, today’s featured Los Angeles fusion wedding is absolutely no exception. There are so many delightful Indian wedding ideas from the individual gold and pearl necklaces hand selected for each bridesmaid, to the ceremony adorned with Moroccan tea glasses.  So, make sure you take a minute to soak it all in.  

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Indian wedding 1 copy
From Sharmila, owner of Parties & Petals :

When I first met Malena, we discussed her style and the vision she hadfor her event.  She mentioned that she was going to have a 3-day,multi-cultural event.  She wanted a traditional American wedding, butalso wanted to incorporate elements of the Indian ceremony.  Weimmediately decided that the traditional colors of red and gold werenot going to work for this vivacious couple.  We needed somethingdifferent; something that expressed their unique personalities.  Afterviewing the venue, and discussing options, we decided on jewel tones,as she loved the bright colors that are prevalent in Indian weddings,with a modern and lush feel.  Thus our color palette was born: orange,red, pink, purple, green, blue and gold.

The vibrant mixture of colors is evident in the flowers which includedfreesia, several types and colors of roses, sweet peas, calla lilies,bells of Ireland, amaranthus, tulips and more.  We scattered brightlycolored Moroccan tea glasses in shades of orange, gold, red, fuchsia,teal, turquoise, navy blue, bright green and purple.  We used largegold mosaic vases filled with flowers as focal points throughout therooms, as well as at the altar.  Malena did not want a largestructure, or anything that would compete with the architecturalbeauty of the room. We injected some ethnic touches into the day withelephants and peacocks-alright, maybe not the real deal but via twolarge, 3’ tall moss elephants covered in 48” floral blankets with goldbell trim and a brightly colored standing peacock with a 48” wingspan.


Malena wore an elegant, white beaded wedding gown for the ceremony anda gorgeous Lehenga for the reception.  Vijal looked handsome in atraditional gold Sherwani, with delicate gold embroidery.  Malena andVijal  traveled to India before the wedding to visit some of hisfamily, explore the country and do a little wedding shopping.  Whilein India, Malena purchased gorgeous gold and pearl earrings, each alittle different from the other, as gifts for her bridesmaids.

The Couple opted to have both a Christian and Hindu ceremony, in whichthey incorporated elements from each religion.

Final coming right up!  Back in a flash!