It’s will come as no biggie when you hear me say that we love a gorgeous Indian fusion wedding around here.  Seeing a bride and groom embrace each other’s traditions is truly the most wonderful part of starting a marriage. And, when you pull it off with impeccable style, well, we can’t be more thrilled.  There is just so much love and affection going on in this wedding and Love Life Images was there to document it all – beautifully. And, what we really, really loved was the modern florals and mandap by Partyland Flowers & Event Décor. Oh so stunning!


From the Bride, Amy :

I guess to start you could say that my husband and I are modern minimalist when it comes to style and decoration.  Recognizing veryearly on that this style could conflict with traditional Indianweddings (which can be very ornate and over-the-top) it was importantthat our wedding reflected our style.  This was particularly true fora mandapas we didn't want anything that looked like it was out of a temple and wanted a very simple setup (much like a Jewish huppah).

I also wanted to incorporate elements of my background into thewedding so I was excited when my wedding planner told me about the possibility of an elephant ice luge (a favorite Minnesota past time in my college days).  We also served a mix of Indian and American food toappease our guests.  During our Christian wedding, many elements of my background from Minnesota were also reflected such as the table numbers being made from birch trees and serving poppyseed kolache (a Czech dish from my grandmother) for dessert.

The other factors guiding our style is that I look horrible in red and decided that my wedding outfits would be variations of pink instead of red.  I found my reception lengha with my mother in law in rani pink early on at Aza in Mumbai and absolutely loved it!  I only decided later on and much closer to the wedding that I wanted to wear a sarifor the actual ceremony.  Scouring Mumbai for a wedding sari with Jay's aunt turned up nothing but my problem was solved when Jay's grandmother offered to let me wear her sari.  What a special way to honor her and solve my problem at once!

My eyes are blue so I decided the reception colors should be rani pink and turquoise- sea blue.  Since none of my bridesmaids were Indian I thought Lenghas would be easier for them to wear than saris and had those custom made in Mumbai.  My favorite flower has always been hydrangeas- so I used those as centerpieces for the reception decoralong with lanterns that gave it an Indian, but modern Indian feel.

Finale coming right up!  Be right back!