Okay Maharanis, cancel your lunch dates and workout dates, because you are going to want to dash over to your nearest MAC retailer once you hear this news.

Mac 1
Photo : Mac 

MAC Cosmetic’s has partnered with Bollywood Make Up super star, Mickey Contractor, to bring olive-based skin tones exactly what we have been praying for.

As MAC’s Director of Makeup Artistry for India, Mickey has designed a line of yellow-based foundations and concealers balanced just for Indian skin tones. The new line seeks to solve the problems most Indian women encounter : hyper pigmentation and discoloration.

We are head over heels for the double ended Select Moisturecover corrector, which will work with your existing favorite concealer or foundation. Use the yellow side if the hue is a touch too dark, and use the coral to take out any traces of that ghostly effect.

Mac 2
Photo : Mac  

Mickey’s has spent decades creating Bollywoods most talked about looks with his magical make up wand, so he didn’t stop there.  We are flipping out over the collection of bright pinks, teals, plums, and the ever-elusive perfect palette of neutral eyeshadows.

With adorable ethnic names like Saffron, Rani, and Gulabi can you blame us admiring the mirror all day?

Mac 3
Photo : Mac 

The Mickey collection makes it international debut tomorrow – January 11, 2011!

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