With the world as your oyster, choosing a honeymoon location can send any Maharani into a typhoon! Travel Tuesday is here and for all January brides searching for their ultimate honeymoon destination, we have just some amazing ideas for you. After the snowy, silvery reception, and maybe even a horse drawn sleigh, January brides will want to jet off to somewhere tropical and enchanting. Lucky enough it is primes season for some of the hottest (no pun intended) destinations around the world. Bali, Brazil, and Costa Rica all experience their best weather in January!

First up Bali…

Tiny but tough is the best way to describe Bali.  You can drive around the coast of the small paradise in only one day, however, the unique experiences will leave you speechless.  Sunrises that paint the rice terraces pink and purple, magical Hindu temples, and endless sashes of sandy beaches are just a few of the images that will be crystallized in your mind. Forever.

Bali 1
Bali 2

Highlights of Bali include, Ubud's Monkey Forest, The Royal Temple, Taman Ayun Temple, of the Mengwi Empire, and the early morning hike of Mt Batur to watch the sunrise. Bali is bursting at the seams with a plethora of cultural, relaxation, and adventure activities.  So, whether it’s Kuta’s frenetic energy or the car free Nusa Lembongan that catches your fancy, it is easy to see why people are mesmerized by Bali.

Oh, and if your hubby is the type that is constantly connected to his ipad, you will be happy to know that the spotty internet connections of Bali will guarantee a romantic honeymoon! 

More ideal January honeymoons coming right up!