Our last Best of Maharani Cinematography award goes to a shop that constantly pushes the envelope and makes the words stunning, amazing, and brilliant, all seem like understatements. Kevin and his team continually push the edge of creativity and I am always amazed to see what they have around the corner because Pacfic Pictures brings a whole new level to wedding cinema. 

Congratulations to Pacific Pictures for winning the 2010 Best of Maharani, Cinematography award!

CITY OF LAKES, by Kevin Shahinian, of Pacific Pictures.

From Kevin : Melissa & Samir embarked on an incredible journey to Udaipur, India, to fulfill a lifelong dream of having their wedding in the country of their ancestry. This transcendent place, affectionately called the “CITY OF LAKES,” located in the breathtaking region of Rajasthan, would be the setting for their extravagant, three-day marriage celebration, and the backdrop of our unprecedented film production - shot entirely on-location. We believe this to be the first ever live event/scripted concept production ‘hybrid’ film produced on this scale.

CITY OF LAKES, by Kevin Shahinian, of Pacific Pictures.


Congratulations to Pacific Pictures, Ray Roman Films and AVL Films for winning the 2010, Best of Maharani, Cinematography awards.  With so many wonderful cinematography submissions this year it was incredibly difficult to narrow down the list.  So, we want to give a special *Tiara's Off* to Imagique Weddings for all the wonderful work they do!

See you all tomorrow with more Best of Maharani Awards!

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