I was thrilled when I received this money saving idea from one of our readers, Laurie, from San Francisco, CA.  Laurie got married last fall, and was uber-creative in coming up with this tasteful album, (not scrapbook!) to give to both sets of parents.

Laurie 1 copy

Laurie 2c copy

What she used:
Pretty silk covered album (like this one from Paper Source)
Various embellishments (leaves, fabrics, etc.)
Glue stick
Photograph corners
Wedding photos

What she did:
Everything I used for the album I bought from local stores in my San Francisco neighborhood.  I ordered the photos from our wedding photographer, because I love the quality and feel of the pictures, but you could probably save some money by ordering them through a website. It's a personal choice. I arranged the photos in order to tell a story of our lovely wedding day, and then decorated each page with the embellishments. I used four embellishments throughout each album, so it looked consistent and there was a nice flow. I just changed the placement of the items, so each page looked fresh and unique.

Laurie’s Tips: I liked using the colored glue stick for kids because it let me see where I was putting the glue and dries clear!  And, I used corners for each photo, so the pictures could easily be removed and displayed in their homes.

It was very simple, a lot of fun, and made for a very special hand made gift for both sets of parents.

This wedding album also makes a great thank you gift for bridesmaids, groomsman, and family members. Thank you so much for sharing this chic idea with us, and congratulations to the beautiful and talented bride!

If you have a great idea that you would like to share drop me a line at : readers@maharaniweddings.com