I am just putting the finishing touches on today's magical Indian wedding from Cleveland, Ohio, but before we dive head first into the good stuff, let's see how it all started...
Indian bride 1
Image by Z Media Photography

This might just be one of the sweetest proposals I have EVER heard :

On Friday, June 26, 2010, it was Sonya’s last day of school, and Amit sent a package to her school building. Sonya was requested by the school to go downstairs to speak with someone “who was waiting for her.” Although skeptical, she still went downstairs with her friend Jen and saw a crate with a folder that had her name on it. Inside the crate was a card with a 25¢ plastic ring attached to it. At that moment, Sonya knew that something special was going to happen today. Amit had always joked that he couldn’t afford a real ring so we would get her a 25¢ ring or a ring pop, and that’s exactly what he did!The crate also had a box with a DVD of Big Daddy (their first date), a card that Amit had made, several ring pops and a scrapbook that Sonya had made for Amit when they were in college. Amit even had Sonya’s students make her cards as a part of the unforgettable day.

With tears streaming down her face, Sonya was waiting for Amit to walk out and pop the question in front of her school building. Instead, he sent a silver Rolls Royce to take her to the next destination. Inside the car was picture of the two of them from college, a box of chocolates and red dress (Sonya’s favorite color) to wear later that night.Excited and anxious to see Amit, Sonya found herself at a spa Manhattan, where she was surprised by her cousin Neha who had flown in from Chicago for the special day. Amit had set up for the girls to enjoy some rest and relaxation before getting ready for a big night. The massage was amazing and the girls headed back to Sonya’s apartment.Upon entering her building, Sonya was greeted by her doorman who had an armful of flowers, more chocolates and other memories from their past. Sonya quickly got ready and waited for the car to take her to the next destination. In the monsooning rain, the car took Sonya to the Gramercy Park Hotel, where she was instructed to go to the rooftop. The hostess on the rooftop led Sonya to an area that was blocked off by a small divider.Sonya took one step into the room, saw rose petals leading to a path where she finally saw Amit - it was well worth the wait! With Mera Pehla Pehla Pyaar (My First Love) was playing in the background, candles lit all around, Amit got down on one knee and simply said “Will you marry me?” Of course Sonya said yes. They spent the next hour calling family and friends while enjoying a celebratory drink on the rooftop.

The day full of surprises was not over yet. Sonya jokes how Amit paid off God, but miraculously the skies cleared and the couple enjoyed a long car ride sipping champagne and watching the sunset through the buildings of Manhattan. After the sunset, the next stop was a tasty dinner at Tamarind, Sonya and Amit’s favorite restaurant that holds many memories for the two.After leaving dinner, Amit had one more surprise. The car pulled up to the Hudson Terrace Hotel where all of their friends were waiting to celebrate. It was the perfect ending to a perfect day.

Much more Indian wedding goodies on the way....stay tuned!