When Jawad, owner of Film Style Weddings, told me he had recently worked on a double wedding, my ears perked up with curiosity.   I mean, how does a Maharani share her wedding day?!  I was delighted to find out that Zohib & Jennifer and Shoiab & Danielle’s wedding went off without any of the competitive nonsense that one could imagine, and these two couples actually had twice as much fun at their wedding!  What a special and unique experience for the brothers to share their wedding, and might I add, there is positively no better way to get to know your new sister in law! 

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From Jawad at Film Style Weddings :

In all our years of business, never before had we covered a double wedding. We were a little anxious about the challenge of it all, doing justice to the stories of two separate couples, even while dividing our attention between them. But then, we’re nothing if not up to meeting a challenge.

Still, we were a little apprehensive, having heard stories of competing brides and grooms and all the relevant drama. But let it be clear here and now that these stories proved altogether baseless with Zohaib/Jennifer and Shoaib/Danielle.

Brother grooms, Zohaib and Shoaib were very…well, very brotherly   . And the two brides—Jennifer and Danielle, seemed to be long time friends, whether they were busy in the bridal room, helping each other out with jewelry and final touches, or on the dance floor, pulling each other along in their dance movements.

These two couples shone in their respective moments, and all together as well. They and their families managed to pull off a double wedding with grace, humility and laughter. Cheers!
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