As all the East Coast Maharanis start to head out the door, to get glitz and glammed up for the holiday we have the lovable finale of this Sikh wedding by Shandro Photo.  With the gorgeous bridal party clothing and charming Indian fusion wedding cake if you are a Maharani that is still at work, turkey time will be here in no time!

Indian wedding 2 copy

From Shandro Photo :

We then travelled with them to Vancouver (Sameera’s hometown) for Sangeets for both sides, the maiyan and mehndi ceremonies, and a Sikh ceremony.  This wedding took a tremendous amount of organization, especially with Most of Sameera’s ceremony were held at her parent’s home, and the beautiful backyard seemed to have been made just for the occasion. Many of the dance performances were done by Nitin’s sister and other family members.  I enjoyed the strong colour scheme at the ceremony (bright blue for the groom’s side, gold and pink for the brides).

The doli was especially fun – the bridesmaids did an amazing job creating a board game-type challenge that incorporated jokes about Nitin’s career as a lawyer, the rivalry between the Edmonton and Vancouver hockey teams, and his singing ‘skills’.  When it came time for Sameera to leave, I found myself tearing up as well – the thought of her leaving not just her family home but moving to a new city was very emotional.

The reception in Edmonton was unique as well – it was pretty much a roast of Nitin with all of his friends and family telling really funny stories.  It was obvious how much they care about him and how welcoming they are of Sameera to her new life in the new city. 

I want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.  The whole team at Maharani Weddings is thankful for YOU.  See you on Friday with a special deal....just for Maharanis!