We are talking all about one of my favorite topics today...food!  What's the best way to serve dinner at your wedding?  Well, Shetal Vyas, from Number 29 Events, has broken it down for all our Maharanis into four stylish solutions!


Style #2 Family Style Food Service

Family style is a newer style of service that has become popular.  I like this more than the buffet option as no one has to get up from their seat, carry a plate full of curries with their finest silk saris on!  With true family style, all food is served in bowls and platters at each table and then guests pass the platters and bowls around the table until all guests have the selections they would like. Most caterers will offer modest refills at tables as needed.  I liken this to creating a buffet at each table!  

Here are some things to think about when deciding to have family style service; make sure your tables are large enough to accommodate the food, have your centerpiece designs tailored to offer the space needed. If you have a 60" round table each guest will need approximately 18x14-inches for plates, flatware, glasses and possible favor, and the average centerpiece is 12-14 inches including votives.

This couple chose long tables with tall centerpieces and candle accents to allow for plenty of space on the tables for bowls and platters of food.  The candles were not too tall so they didn’t obstruct passing the food and they chose tablecloths to add color and texture versus adding more flowers or centerpiece elements.
Family Style

With family style service consider having a wine available at the table, one red option and one white so that gusts can help themselves.


Maharani Pro : Family Style encourages mingling amoungst guest, and a relaxing dining experience.  If the bride and groom are “walking the tables” all guests will be seated, and no one will be missed.

Maharani Con : Popular items such as chicken curry and naan tend to run out fast, so make sure that your wait staff has refills available.

Maharani Tip : If you choose family style, make sure that your centerpieces are no higher than eye level.

More tips coming up....back in a flash!