We are having a fantastic time celebrating Karwa Chauth on Maharani, with this fabulous wedding by Ethnic Essence and Samson Productions.  I love being able to pull something new into weddings, to give your guests a surprise.  A modern, and very exquisite, twist on dance performances by loved ones, is to have trapeze artists like these ones.  Wow!

Indian wedding entertainment copy
I am going to spill the beans and let you all know that Karwa Chauth was originally about a new bride and her new God-sister, not her husband!  What?  Think we are crazy? Here is a fun little story about the origin of Karwa Chath :

Back in the day, ladies (who are we kidding, girls) would get married at a very young age and go to live with their in-laws in other villages.  Since there were no telephones or trains, if there were any problems with her in-laws or husband, the little bride would have no one to talk to for help.  Thus, the tradition started that when the bride came to her new village, she would befriend another lady who would be her friend, sister, and confidant, for the rest of her life – her God-sister.  And, their friendship would be sealed in a small ceremony.

So, as the years go on in the new village, if the little bride faced any challenges with her husband or in laws, she would have a friend to help her, and that is how Karwa Chauth started.  It started as celebration of this bond between two women, and the fasting and praying for the husband came secondary. Because the holy friendship between two God-sisters is essential for the bride and her marriage to her groom!

So, my question is who is your God-sister? Your MOH maybe?  I know mine is! 

Wedding finale on the way!