We are going to interrupt Film-y Friday today for some exciting Maharani News.

We are constantly coming up with new innovations to help our Indian brides plan their fantasy Indian weddings, and today, we are unveiling our latest tool – The Maharani Jukebox by AVL Films.  It’s the most common question we get from readers… usually it’s crunch time, 6 weeks until they take their walk down the aisle, and we get a semi panicked email asking for help.  And, rather than simply put together a pedestrian list of songs to email back, we wanted to help them with a little Maharani style!

Now all Maharanis can peruse through our catalog of songs, hand selected for different parts of your wedding day, AND listen to them online.  Yep, I think that is the coolest part, you can actually listen to the songs!  Don’t waste your precious planning time trying to download the songs, the player is built to keep us out of trouble!  Plus, you can find most of the songs on iTunes, or you can always ask your DJ!

So, head to the Jukebox by AVL Films here, and have fun!

Big thanks to our team at Maharani, our expert consultant, Parul, and of course AVL Films!  Since it is Film-y Friday, here is one of our favorite Same Day Edits by AVL Films.

What I especially love about AVL Films is not only do they put together amazingly creative videos, but they are professional and FUN to work with.  Have a musical weekend and see you Monday Maharanis!


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