If modern design and white phalaenopsis orchids make your heart sing, you are truly in store for a marvelous treat.  This fresh reception leaves tradition to the wind and incorporates some fantastic ideas.  Let’s start with the bride and groom’s stage.  The whole room is done with shades of blues and white, expect for this pivotal area.  It’s the first time we have seen something like this on Maharani, but it makes so much sense…what better way to make sure all eyes are on the couple?

I also happen to love this super size screen behind the bride and groom.  It definitely has a rockstar element to it, but if you are having a reception with over 300 people, this is something to consider. After all, your guest are there to see you!

Indian wedding reception stage copy
Indian wedding cake copy
Thank you so much to Julie and Chris First of Z Media for this submission.  Maharanis if you love to see gorgeous Indian wedding images, check out their site…it is filled with tons! Congratulations to the fabulous couple, and we will see you all tomorrow!