I have decided that Indian brides are some of the most privileged of brides because a big part of our tradition and culture revolves around jewelry.  Lucky, lucky, lucky us!  Aside from the luxury of the bling, the meaning behind pieces of jewelry and the sentiment involved is something timeless that gets passed down from generation to generation.  One of the latest fashions from India is to have your jai mala made from stone. These lasting jai malas are easily the absolute perfect keepsake from your Indian wedding.

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More from our bride : 

None of my grandparents were able to make the trip from India to Houston, so it was really important to me to be able to wear something of theirs so they would be with me in spirit and it was lucky that I had some jewelry to fill the bill.   My Nani had given me this beautiful armlet with Radha and Krishna on it and my Dadi and given me a part of a tagadi that I was able to fix and wear as well.   

When I was in shopping for the wedding in India, I heard that the latest trend was to have your jai malas made from stones.  I loved this idea for two reasons: 1) this way we’d be able to keep our jai malas forever; and 2) because I could make ours myself to coordinate with our clothes.   The jai mala I made for me, was made in the colors of Alex’s sherwani-pearls and green mystic topaz and his were made in the colors from my lengha—rubies, sapphires and a few emeralds.  I made each element in our jai malas --including the pendants--so it meant even more to both of us.  Even better, they ended up being both beautiful and lightweight.  We did use them with a smaller rose jai mala along with them to incorporate the traditional element.   

So, aren't you just loving this wedding?  More on the way!