Our favorite make-up expert is back today, Saman, owner of Studio Sila.  Saman is going to share the latest tips and tricks on the ultimate Maharani make up item....liner!


Face it, they say- absolutely, if this is the look you have going on!!! Ladies, with the perfectly put together hair and makeup, there is nothing you cannot face (no pun intended)

Liner or no liner is a common question for those who are doubtful after seeing it done wrong, over done or way too crooked, and truly, I don’t blame you. After all there is a fine line (oh dear, here is the pun again) between a well defined, nicely controlled application of liner and the ‘ I was putting it on in the car driving at the speed of over 70 mph on an under-construction road….’

Whether the eyes or lips or any part of the face, the application of liner or linear application of makeup can exquisitely enhance, modify, accentuate or diminish the feature so its an amazing tool- when done right.

With this gorgeous bride, the theme for her reception was modern elegance with an inspiration from the 50’s & 60’s. SO we certainly went for linear impressions for the eyes, cheeks and guess what… also for the lips!