Did I tell you guys what happened to me with my wedding invites?  True story : I went to India and ordered my invites there because everyone told me how fabulously gorgeous and inexpensive they would be.  Well, after about a zillion emails, I finally got them the way I wanted and had them printed.  It was a highly annoying process, but I was glad I was finally done and awaited their arrival. After about two weeks of me panicking over my invites being late I found out that they were stuck in customs!  Apparently, because there were so many boxes of invitations, customs in NYC put a stop on them and I had to pay another $300 bucks to get them released. Beautiful yes, inexpensive absolutely not! 

It was a highly irritating process, so I always recommend going with a state side invitation vendor like, ZOYA Couture.  ZOYA will customize anything your heart desires from modern to traditional or something in-between!

Indian wedding invitation 5
Indian wedding invitation 6
Indian wedding invitation 7