We are going to end the day with a sneak peak of what is in store tomorrow...

When I find out one of my friends is engaged, I get a little rush of energy.  I want to know about everything – the dress, the shoes, the style…everything.  But, no matter WHO the actual bride is, there is one thing that I feel every single dingle bride must wear….a veil.  I beg, I plead, I even promise that we can just use it for pictures and they don’t have to actually wear it!  Veils add a gentle, airy, dimension to your wedding ensemble that is just soooo bridal.

Because I am a bit of a brat, I start emailing my friends…..with the subject line saying “Veil or NO Veil?!”

Indian wedding, bridal veil 1 copy

I mean, you guys know my vote…..what is yours?