Buckle up everyone!  I have an Indian wedding idea that is going to knock your socks off. The latest trend in wedding décor is to use balance of a few different elements : fabrics, flowers,  and linens.  Incorporating different materials allows you to easily create a complete color story with depth and dimension. You guys know what I mean by this….remember the gorgeous parasols 2Create Designs used last summer at the St Regis??? That is exactly what I am talking about. 

Well, any Indian bride getting married indoors is going to love, love, love this fresh new twist on this concept.  Pillows. I know, how easy is that?! Simple and straightforward, they add color and create a cute, new way to present your ceremony programs.  Why place your programs on the chairs when you can have the displayed with the attention they deserve.  After all, this is YOUR wedding day!

Indian wedding ceremony program 5
Indian wedding ceremony program 4
Indian wedding ceremony program 1
Indian wedding ceremony program 2

So, how do you get this look?  It’s easy. Etsy has a ton of pillows you can order online or you can get them made in India pretty affordably. My favorite way is however, is to create a little a DIY project for you and a few of your favorite family members visiting from India.  I mean, what better way to spend time and bond the weeks before your wedding? Happy planning!