I get so caught up, strike that, obsessed, with wedding details and ideas, that I don’t nearly spend enough time on the other events of your Indian wedding week.  So, I was thrilled when Saman, of 2Create Designs, sent me over this gorgeous wedding she did for her best friend, Natasha. Saman pulled out ALL the stops for her BFF, and it started with this striking Holdu she created.  By only using yellow to accent the bright blue, Saman created a Holdu that has a modern, chic look that anything but boring.

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Indian wedding, haldi 1
Indian wedding, haldi 4
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From Natasha : The Holud combined elements of Bangladeshi and Pakistani traditions and customs.  The theme simply was to have a fabulous time with lots of color, flowers, textures, performances, and yummy eats. The word Holud literally translates to the color yellow, as a pre wedding event where friends and family get together and begin the festivities.  Traditionally, during Bangladeshi weddings, the bride and groom are covered in turmeric as family members take turns to apply this on.  The menu included street snacks: chatpatti, paani puri, fresh kabobs, hot parathas and fresh jilebi, and an array of desserts both traditional and those that would appease to our Western tastes as well.  Our guilty pleasure was the favor bar for the guests complete with bindis, bangles, and other accessories to go! We had custom decorations made from Bangladesh and India to decorate the events as well as fresh floral arrangements locally.  The bridal parties entered with close family and friends while I was carried in by my uncles in a sterling silver palquin (palki).   Saman Bangloria and the 2Create Designs team did a fabulous job in creating the vision of the bazaar very eloquently.  The event consisted of dinner, dancing, and a special performance by our very close family friend, Alamgir who definitely is held in high regards here and internationally.  We are so very thankful to him for making the time to make our Holud a success. The highlight of the entire evening had to be the family dance which our friends and relatives put together, it was amazing, just like a scene out of a Bollywood movie.

More breathtaking décor and unique Indian wedding ideas coming up right here – back in a bit!