Passion is something that anyone great brings to their job.  A love, an appreciation, and a drive to be the best at what you do is really what sets anyone apart.  But, then, there are people who are so passionate about their jobs, they are borderline obsessed with it.  They are 100% committed to their craft, and nothing, I mean nothing, stops them. They breath it,  they sleep it, and they even dream it.  The first time I spoke with Saman, the owner of, 2Create Designs, I had a sneaky feeling that she was in this camp. But, after I saw the photographs from this next feature, I think that she might be President of the club!  Saman had this adorable welcome home party for her newborn Mini Maharani, Serene.  This party would make an incredible Mehndi, insane Sangeet, or an off the charts bridal shower.  I have no idea how you design & execute this type of detailed event with a newborn, unless you are truly obsessed with your job.

Indian wedding pink and green mehndi tent, decor idea 5
Indian wedding pink and green mehndi, decor idea 3
Indian wedding green and pink mehndi decor 3
Indian wedding mehndi favors
Indian wedding green and pink centerpiece laterns
Indian wedding mehndi, green and pink candy station
Indian wedding green and pink mehndi decor 4
Indian wedding green and pink mehndi dessert table

I just can't wait to feature Serene's Indian Wedding extravaganza! Even though it will be a few years, I know that if her mom has any say in it, it will be out of this world. They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.  So, I know that I will be seeing many Indian wedding versions of this party for a long time. Congrats to Saman and her family!