I am uber excited today because we have a very special guest blogger today, coming to us from our very special Platinum Guide.  We partner with the most reputable indian wedding experts across the country, and I am thrilled to welcome our Worldwide Hair & Make-Up expert, Saman, from Studio Sila.  Saman is joining us today for A Pop of Colour : Eye Do!


Spring 2010 is here and brides to be who got engaged on Valentine’s day are diving full throttle into the preparations for their weddings.

For some, booking their favorite hair and makeup artist is on top of the priority list, for many its in the ‘to do’ list and for a few bridal makeup is a ‘DIY’

No matter what category it falls into, bridal makeup and hair styling for Desi weddings has a list of requirements exclusive to the cultural background and glamorous aura of the event!

With makeup trends constantly changing, and fashion and beauty magazines, churning out new favorite looks each month, it can be hard to decide which look to go with, but one thing is for certain, your wedding is a day to look exquisite and not one to make a ‘never before tried or tested’ makeup statement. 

Whether your style is elegant, sculpted, gently glamorous or silver screen diva you must ensure not to ‘timestamp’ your look. Trust me you don’t want to look at your pictures a couple of years later and wonder ‘what on earth was I thinking when I did glittery eyelids with gemstone studded lashes!’

Pops of color have been making quite a presence both on the runway and in fashion spreads and green has been spotted rimming the eyes in hues from Lime to Emerald. So from earth day inspirations to simply the color of money, its been pretty boldly green!  Now, now don’t turn away in horror, a talented makeup artist can certainly customize a trend to be your Maharani makeup look for your big day!

I have recently worked with three brides each of whom chose a hue of green for their events. 

The gorgeous darling from Houston who wore bright yellow and intense mint for her Sangeet wanted the colors replicated on her eyes but with a slightly toned down version of Kim Kardashian’s lashes. So I added the pop of green tinted gold and shimmering moss green to her lids, smoked them with tarnished emerald green and lined the eyes with a custom blended deep green/black liner. A set of custom made eyelashes and a sculpted face with soft muted lips completed the entire look.