From Agya : I am totally a DIY girl and love customizing everything to my own taste. I really wanted to do something different for my wedding programs; over the years I’ve noticed that a lot of people save wedding programs along with invitations, so I really wanted to do programs that reflected us as a couple. After much thought, I decided to create Vintage-style mini-Scrapbooks and use them as Wedding Programs. I used many different colors (but used some accents from by color theme to tie it together) – I thought it was more fun than sticking to a strict color palette.

So, here are the steps I followed:

Step 1: 

You need to get different types of scrap book paper (a single color or lots of different colors), some vellum paper (it’s matte and transparent), and plain cardstock. Get some accents - like ribbons that match your color palette or rubber stamps that you can emboss. Lastly, you need a really good paper cutter (don’t use scissors), a ruler, and a glue stick.

Step 2: 

Cut the scrap book paper in half to create your program cover (it’s a more interested shape, and really nice scrap book paper can be expensive – so you’re saving cost). Fold the paper into a square book shape, and turn in the flaps at about 1” (so it looks like it’s a book cover). Use the glue and the ribbon to vertically hold the book in place.

Step 3: 

Create inserts. I had 4 major inserts. I printed the book title, and order of the wedding events on cardstock. I also had wallet sized photos from our engagement session that I used as a business card for our new contact information. I also had the vellum insert that had a quote about marriage. You can even add a baby picture or a photo of where you’re honeymooning and put that in the scrapbook. When you’re done with your inserts, put them in your booklet – in a scrapbook style – so under the ribbon, under the flaps or stuck on to the back cover. I had a decent printer so I did all of my printing – but you can also do it at your local photocopy store.

Step 4: 

Use Embossing tools to dress up parts of your program. I found a great rubber stamp at the Paper Source, and used a pink stamp-pad with embossing powder in gold. Use an embossing gun to go over your stamp.

Step 5: 

Get 2-3 of your friends to help you assemble your mini scrapbooks (order pizza if you like). The nice things about these scrap books is that there is no way for them to come out wrong! 

I loved how these turned out so much, that i've added the vintage scrapbook theme to other parts of my wedding like guest books and menu cards (plus it a great way to use my engagement photos as a take away for the guests).

DIY Indian wedding program 1