As Maharani Weddings gets larger, and larger, we get more and more submissions from around the globe. The greatest part of having this international exchange of Indian wedding ideas, is that there is always something new to inspire our very special, readers. Yesterday’s village wedding had tons of cool ideas, and today’s featured weddings, by Film Style Weddings, have amazing Indian wedding ideas as well!

The first film was an absolute stunner.  It’s traditional and dances on that fine line of edgy without going overboard.  The décor, by Dream Party Décor, blew the crowd away. And, if you listen closely you can still hear the gasps of delight over the the water walkway! Sapna & Shawn had a the creativity to think way, way outside the box, and came up with a rustic, countryside photo shoot that is I just love.  The dichotomy of the very traditional Indian bride, photographed in a plain field with a weathered shed creates depth and texture to the shot. And, for a dash of elegance, they topped it off with a Maharani style Rolls Royce! Check this out!

Do you all remember that awesome save the date video we featured a while back?  Well, the wedding has come and gone, and if you are a Bollywood style bride you are going to be amazed by the results.  I always say there are two things that Indian people are obsessed with….weddings, and Indian movies about weddings.  So, what better way to enter into your reception than with your own Bollywood inspired music video! It required over 20 hours of practice and 3 days dedicated just to shooting.  But, the results are amazing!

Pretty cool huh?  I mean, everyone has a little Bollywood in ‘em!

So, I am going to share with you all one of my big faults.  I am terrible at keeping secrets!  I just get so excited with the news that I can’t keep my mouth shut. So, I am going to spoil tomorrow’s surprise and tell you that we are going to be announcing another contest on the site!  Check back with us Friday for all the scoop....I have already said too much!

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